Free ETS webinar on "Precision Turfgrass Management" (golf, sports fields and gardens)


Date and time: Tuesday 13th of April at 14.00 CEST

Where? Free on Zoom, register here ! ! 

Webinar full title: "Precision Turfgrass Management: technical advances to improve turf aesthetics, performance and sustainability (golf, sports fields and gardens)"

Description: Recent years have spawned a great deal of hardware, software and optics solutions to help professionals monitor and manage high-quality turf surfaces.
Sometimes the variety of solutions and the data supplied can be overwhelming, or at best difficult to understand and turn into effective management decisions.
In this webinar we will describe the main PTE ("Precision Turfgrass Management") tools currently available for the groundsman/greenkeeper, and supply a basic set of interpretation rules to simplify their understanding and adoption.
Data and info needn't be intimidating, but rather they should be the basis on which skilled turf professionals take well-informed and meaningful decisions.

Dr Filippo Lulli PhD
: "Precision Turfgrass Management: tools and simple agroclimatic interpretation rules" - 40 min.

Alessio Forconi: "The GreenGO ecosystem of sensors and software: Your Turfgrass Assistant" - 10 min.

F. Lulli / A. Forconi: Q&A session with the participants - as long as it takes...