Success stories

Alessio Forconi at the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup

Within our continued collaboration with iTurf Management, our very own Alessio Forconi has recently been entrusted with select pitch management at the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup."Tough conditions, hard work, but an extremely fulfilling and enriching month in the USA" (A. Forconi)

ENI Livorno oil refinery

For several years, Turf Europe personnel has been entrusted by the DAFE (Department of Agrriculture, Food and Environment) of the University of Pisa, to monitor the green cover within the ENI refinery in Livorno. In such a high-risk environment, vegetation control is of the utmost importance: plants must persist (in order to keep reservoir containment banks compact and to capture fine dusts), but in summer they must be kept low in order to minimize fire risks.For all these reasons, management is carried out via cycles of mowings and chemical weed control with precise timing and doses that have been perfected over the last 8 years.

ETP entrusts secretariat services to Turf Europe

The newborn European Turfgrass Producers Association (ETP - ) has entrusted secretariat services for 2015 to Turf Europe.We are very excited about contributing to the development of this important trade association for European sod growers.

ETS Field Days 2013 - Monte Carlo (MC)

On the 30th of September and the 1st of October Turf Europe organized for the European Turfgrass Society (ETS) the 3rd ETS Field Days in Monte Carlo (MONACO).Some key data for this successful event::over 90 participants from Europe, United States and Australia.high profile speakers from Pace Turf (USA), CeRTES-Pisa University (Italy), Golf Environment Organization (UK), Copenhagen University (Denmark), Bioforsk (Norway), the Amenity Forum (UK).four industry-leading sponsors: Bottos 1848 (Italy), Top Green (France), Parcs et Sports (France), Ibergreen (Spain).After an interesting and intense conference day, the participants visited the Monte Carlo Louis II Stadium and the Monte Carlo Golf ...

F. Lulli and A. Forconi on assignment for 2019 FIFA WWC

An unforgettable month at work on the fields of Grenoble (Lulli) and Lyon (Forconi).Working on behalf of i-Turf Management for the management and monitoring of stadiums and training fields during FIFA WWC 2019.To work in an international and multilingual organization to manage a FIFA tournament, to meet many passionate people. Just great !!

Green-GO at Echord++ review meeting

On Wednesday February 21st, we had the pleasure of presenting the development phases of our Green-GO control units, to an audience of academics and companies in the robotics sector tWe were honoured for the invitation and this also proved to be a unique opportunity to disseminate our activities and gather a wealth of information and valuable new contacts.Onwards ! !

Lecce "Via del Mare" Stadium

Since August 2012 Turf Europe is consulting for Techno Media Green on Lecce's "Via del Mare" Stadium.The "Via del Mare" pitch was one of the very first in Italy to be established with seeded bermudagrass and today it needs some TLC to bring it back to former glory. Careful planning of agronomical operations will allow us to bring the pitch back to a 100% bermudagrass cover, which is particularly suited to the warm and arid climate of the Mediterranean basin.

Monte Carlo Louis II Stadium

In summer 2012, in preparation for the UEFA Supercup (Chelsea vs. Atlético Madrid) the pitch of the Louis II Stadium was finally converted to warm-season species (Tifway 419 hybrid bermudagrass). This helped the pitch to sail healthily through a warm Monte Carlo summer, with no use of pesticides and with a great saving in irrigation water. The pitch was perfect for the UEFA Supercup and both AS Monaco and Parcs et Sports have been fully satisfied with the end result and with the ease of maintenace associated with the use of a warm-season species for the French Riviera area.

Turf Europe for MLR

Another satisfied customer for Turf Europe's R&D services.MLR (Mobile Lighting Rigs), the Norwegian company that pioneered mobile lighting rig for turfgrass growth in stadiums, entrusted Turf Europe with the development and testing of an automatic and geolocalized agroclimatic data acquisition system, to be supplied as an add-on to their lighting rigs.The system was developed and tested successfully in record time, and it has been presented to the public at MLR's stand at the recent "International Sports Convention" in Geneva.

Turf Europe successfully joined the 5th ETS Conference in Portugal

Dr. Filippo Lulli and Dr. Claudia de Bertoldi from Turf Europe, have actively participated in the 5th European Turfgrass Society Conference, 6-7-8 June 2016, in Albufeira, PT. Filippo, as invited speaker, presented his activities carried out within precision agriculture and applied to sport turfgrasses, with a presentation entitled: Precision farming practices in sports turf management. Claudia had the opportunity to present the results of a 2-year study on the use of satellite images to monitor the production of sod, with a presentation entitled: Satellite monitoring of turfgrass sod production: image analysis, interpretation and new sod-specific vegetational indices. These two ...