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16.05.2022 - Official suppliers to Lega Pro

It's official: Turf Europe is the official supplier of Lega Pro with the innovative Control-Green pitch management software.We are thrilled to accompany Lega Pro in the ongoing 4.0 Transition of football. Control-Green is a simple and intuitive tool that we believe will help clubs and groundsmen in the management of their sports fields. Our common goals on the Lega Pro pitches are simple: digitalize to optimize budgets, increase quality and reduce environmental impact.

12.08.2021 - Alessio Forconi at the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021

Within our continued collaboration with iTurf Management, our very own Alessio Forconi has recently been entrusted with select pitch management at the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup. "Tough conditions, hard work, but an extremely fulfilling and enriching month in the USA" (A. Forconi)

13.05.2021 - San Rossore horse racecourse

We are delighted to have a new prestigious client: the San Rossore Racecourse, managed by Alfea Spa.A jewel set in the "Regional Park of Migliarino, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli" and very dear to our Tuscan heart.What a pleasure to work in the majestic beauty of a racecourse after so many sports fields! !

04.04.2021 - See the light (in stadiums)

LIGHT FANTASTIC: Q&A for growing grass in the shadeby Filippo Lulli PhD, CSO Turf Europe Green-GOWhat is PAR?How do I measure PAR?OK but, how much PAR do I need?PAR varies much?What is DLI?Why is DLI important?What does a DLI curve look like?OK, great. But what if I don’t have all that DLI in my stadium? How many hours of artificial light do I need to apply?

22.03.2021 - Free ETS webinar on "Precision Turfgrass Management" (golf, sports fields and gardens)

Date and time: Tuesday 13th of April at 14.00 CESTWhere? Free on Zoom, register here ! ! Webinar full title: "Precision Turfgrass Management: technical advances to improve turf aesthetics, performance and sustainability (golf, sports fields and gardens)" Description: Recent years have spawned a great deal of hardware, software and optics solutions to help professionals monitor and manage high-quality turf surfaces. Sometimes the variety of solutions and the data supplied can be overwhelming, or at best difficult to understand and turn into effective management decisions. In this webinar we will describe the main PTE ("Precision Turfgrass Management") tools currently available for the ...

01.07.2020 - The "Green-i" project gets underway: advanced optics for improved turfgrass management

Developing HD / multispectral / IR optics to integrate the data from our GreenGO station.Images + the agro-climatic data for an unparalleled turf management.We only have 2 years of hard work ahead of us

16.03.2020 - COVID-19 and grass: pitch maintenance while we wait to restart play

Dear friends,Here we are in one of the strangest situations in recent years. Everything is shut down, everything is quiet. But what should you do on your stadiums and training centers while waiting for competitions to resume ?In this article I will try to provide some advice, without claiming infallibility, in the assumption that competitiions will not restart before July or August 2020.1. MOWING HEIGHTIn my view, there is no reason maintain mowing heights at the usual 23-25 mm. This unnecessarily stresses the lawn and forces you to come and cut more often, thus contravening the current self-isolation and minimum social gathering advice. In fact, raising the cutting height to 30-32 mm ...

23.05.2019 - --- nuova scheda ---

E' online il database in Italiano sui tappeti erbosi sul sito di Green-GO 

25.01.2019 - PHP / MYSQL developer POSITION in Italy ! !

DEVELOPER POSITION WHO ARE WE ?TURF EUROPE is a University of Pisa Spinoff Company operating in Precision Farming with particular attention to turfgrass (high-end football stadiums) and urban green areas. We develop hardware (autonomous, geolocalized weather stations for the acquisition of agroclimatic data) and software, serving the stations with activity log – all under the brand Green-GO. WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR ?PHP Developer or Web Developer with excellent PHP skills to manage and further develop our software and to help us develop new software that is “stand alone” or services new hardware that we are developing.Vital skills:Backend: php/mysqlFrontend: ...